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Beyonce Knowles Family Tree

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Beyonce Knowles Family Tree Biography
  Beyonce, Matthew, Tina, and Solange make up the Beyonce Knowles family. Beyonce Knowles skyrocketed to stardom as one of the most successful performers that would outshine any famous biography to date. The Beyonce Knowles biography explains how the wonder woman of music and films, finds her strength from her amazing Beyonce family tree and strong creative genealogy roots. As a special type of entreprenuer, Beyonce structures the businesses associated with her fame around her talented family members, keeping her friends close and her family even closer.
For instance, her father Matthew Knowles manages her music and acting career. Later in Beyonce's career, she teamed with her mother, Tina Knowles, to start a fashion label called House of Dareon, which is also a tribute to her maternal grandmother. Most cebrities are held back by the latching on of family members to earn a paycheck from them, but in Beyonce's situation her family provides the necessary professional and loving support needed to make her as succesful as she can imagine becoming.

In 2009, Beyonce made her relation with rapp and hip hop mogel, Jayzee, known after she married him. This marital union made Beyonce and Jayzee rise above everyone as the hottest power couple in hollywood, the recording industry and beyond. Now Beyonce is going to be a new Mommy when she welcomes her baby girl in 2012.

Born : September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas
Parents : Mathew Knowles and Célestine Ann Beyincé Knowles

Before Beyonce because a well known star of film, music, and fashion, she grew up as the eldest child to a hair stylist and successful medical equipment sales executive. Beyonce first performed professionally as the lead singer in a teen girl group called Girl Tyme, which eventually evolved into what we know today as Destiny's Child.

Beyonce's unique first name is actually a variation of her mother's surname, Beyince. Her mother's pride for her Creole family tree inspired her, especially since so few males were being born to carry it on. Little did Tina Knowles know that Beyonce would aspire to be a theatrical trademark, due the hard work of her talented daughter.

After a successful career a group and then as a solo artist, Beyonce finally married her secret love, JayZ in January 2009. Even though reports flourished about their romantic vacations since they created their Bonnie and Clyde hip hop duet in 2002, the couple never spoke of their personal relationship to the media. Even one year after the wedding, still no wedding pictures have surfaced.

Born : January 4, 1958 in Houston, Texas

Well known as Tina Knowles, she began her career as the owner of Headliners, a beauty salon in Houston, Texas. When Beyonce started practicing routines, the clients at the salon served as her first audiences. Tina worked hard to support the family with her salon business while her husband Matthew quit his job to manage Destiny's Child full-time. Tina evolved into a fashion designer by being the orginal and current creative force behind Destiny's Child and Beyonce performance costumes.

Taking her fashion sense a step further, Tina teamed with Beyonce to form the fashion label, House of Deréon. The label's name is at tribute to Tina's mother, Agnez Dereon. Agnez worked as a seamstress from high class clients in Lousianna. This legacy shows how visual artistry runs in the family.